What a good movie can inspire…

I really didn’t expect to begin my blogging “career” with an idea so gloomy and dark.  I figured I might start out by describing a perfect life full of smiles and joy, rainbows and candy!!  But switching through the channels I fall upon a film that I have much admired for some time – “Meet Joe Black”.  This is when my imagination takes off along with the director’s as I watch but most importantly, this is where I begin to think or meditate, ponder, what have you, on death.

  The night is hot and humid and the sky is filled with voluminous thunder clouds that are pouring a much desired rain.  Thunder and lightening were in the background as I watch the movie and this is not my attempt on creating literary suspense or horror.  I mean it – really.  The night is perfect for a film about death and the different manifestations that death may have.  For those that are not familiar with the film, It begins by introducing a very wealthy and respected media company chairman.  He is in his late 60’s and has everything he could dream of having.  One night he is visited by death who has assumed the identity of a man.  Death lets him know that he has come to “take” him but also has become very interested in his lifestyle and character and would like a tour of “Life”.  In return, death will allow his chauffeur more time just so long as he remains interested.  In the coming days, death involves itself deeply in the life of the wealthy man and creates very complicated situations that only watching the actual film can explain.  I highly recommend the movie if you haven’t seen it.

My interest is sparked at the very beginning of the film when death first appears to the wealthy man.  Death presents itself with an English accent – of course – but more intriguingly with a great knowledge of what makes the wealthy man tick.  Death had obviously been watching him for some time now and had come to take him away.  It made me wonder what would it be like to know your time had come?  I’m sure it depends on the individual experiencing the event – some would live out their wildest dreams selfishly and without regard and yet others would stand still so to speak, take deeper breathes and think about their time and what they did with it.  I’m a devout believer in God and Jesus Christ and everything he came to establish and teach so many centuries ago.  If I knew it was my time to go I would belong to the latter group and appreciate the time I had as well as make the remaining time valuable and legitimate.  You could even argue that there is only one group.  In the face of death, just as this wealthy man found himself, could anybody insist on disputing the existence of eternity; heaven and hell, God and justice?  Most media coverage I’ve seen where someone has gone toward the light only to return to this world at the last minute is forever convinced of an afterlife or life after death.  Those that continue towards the light and never come back…well we’ll never really know.

I’m not dressed in black, locked away in my pitch black room with slipknot posters adorning the walls as I writing this.  I don’t believe that setting or lifestyle is necessary in order to wonder about and appreciate the end.  If someone allowed you a Ferrari for one week – great metaphor hu?  Can you tell I’m a guy? – what would you do with it?  Of course maybe you would want to drive it fast and recklessly, show it off to others and enjoy the time you had.  But what about the danger of damaging the car, wrecking the car, destroying the car and killing yourself in the process…?  Say life is that car.  I feel peace in my heart just driving the speed limit and obeying all traffic laws and regulations.  Sure you want to pedal to the metal and all, but the risks are so great and in my personal experience I have witnessed decisions being made that forever alter lives and there is no going back folks!  One shot is all we got and why not make it a respectable and honorable shot.  I occasionally hear someone attempt to encourage youth to take risks and go crazy in life because you only get one life…  I say nay.  That can be interpreted and realized in the wrong way and all it is then is poison.  You don’t have to be up-tight and over-calculated to be safe, and you don’t have to be neglectful and oblivious to consequences in order to be a free spirit.  

I smile and say, “.. That’s enough!”  It’s late and usually I don’t fall asleep thinking about death and the end because there is substance in between now and then that is so meaningful.  We should dedicate our time to thinking about what we can do better day to day instead of fearing the end.  That is what Jesus came to teach us…a better way to live life.  A life in a different direction, with different principles and goals.  To set our mind and thoughts on righteousness, peace, and humbleness.  When was the last time you thought of such things…