Oh Georgia…

Right now I am plugged in deep….. I am floating through wave of a smooth tune over and over and over again.  Im gliding effortlessly time and again through the same song sung by the same great artist.  Its late and Yes I work tomorrow, but it makes the fatigue drip off of me.  I look at my bed over there and my brain thinks, “Its about time Mr. Addo.”  Then the song replays on my iphone, I smile, and think, “Nah.  One more time.”

Georgia On My Mind by Michael Buble on his Crazy Love album.  If you havnt listened to it I highly recommend it friends.  You know those days when the world is moving a thousand miles an hour and you need something to soothe you?  You’re Welcome 😉  Music, whether you like it or not, is so deeply intertwined with our emotions and soul.  I met someone one day that said they didnt like to dance and didnt like music.  I looked at him wondering…  If I placed my fingers on his throat right now, would I find a pulse?  It doesnt matter what you listen to.  Music moves us like puppets.  You think your a hard A$$$?  Sure, keep thinking that.  Keep convincing yourself that nothing moves you emotionally and at a spiritual level.  Keep on living an existence where you inhibit your naturally reaction to the power of music.

I didnt have much else for this Monday post.  I worked hard.  13 hours getting ready for a big day at court on Wednesday.  The boss and I stayed interviewing clients until 9 PM.  I didnt expect today to drag like it did.  Not to mention that I havnt been sleeping much.  Im not at the point of Insomnia but pushing real close to The Machinist.  If you read my post yesterday it isnt a wonder why.  So much on the mind eats you away emotionally and physically.  It pays the bills though so when duty calls, soldier up right?

I get home, grab a bite to eat and sit at my piano knowing that what I need is this…. to just listen and maybe play some great music.  Not to dance or to sell on itunes.  Music that is “..sweet and clear as moonlight through the pines.”  “Other arms (were) reaching out to me..” like watching television for the remainder of my Monday.  Or reading a book that I started and never finished and was accumulating dust on my desk.  Then I looked through my playlists and saw the song Georgia.  “That old sweet song that (helps) keeps Georgia (in my case peace, rest, serenity) on my mind.”  The song starts with a prayer.  “Georgia, Georgia, the whole day through…”.  I wish we could have that.  Peace and relaxation throughout the day but the stresses of the world are actually somewhat necessary for a time.  They motivate us and keep us ticking and blah blah… Some other social studies garbage.  Today was tough though.  It wore me out and its with all my appreciation that I say this.  Why?  Because without that wear and tear of everyday life I would not have moments like this.  Where one song, played and sung perfectly in my humble opinion, can make the difference and change the hard day you have had into bliss.  

Im sure you noticed by now that Im somewhat of a music buff.  Keeping true to that, I must for the life of me take a moment to honor the man that first introduced this song.  Thank you so much Mr. Ray Charles for bringing this song back into play and making it a classic.  The song was actually written by Hoagy Carmichael and Stuart Gorrel in the 1930’s.  No one really knows what the song was written about; the state or a women.  Neither of the authors lived in Georgia but Charles sung it because he was a southern boy and his driver said, “Why dont you record your version of that since you havnt stopped singing it all day.”  Charles did and for that I thank you kind sir.  You saw a beautiful thing that would leave an ever lasting legacy and perform magic for a 24 year old tired on a Monday night.  Thats funny hu?  Ray saw but he couldnt see.  Makes you wonder if those of us with eyes even really see…  You think you do?  Then what do you see?  What do you look at?  Does what you see inspire you to be better and to touch the lives of others?  Why not?  Ray did and he stopped seeing the world clearly at the age of five…..  You have been living on God’s green earth for how many decades… why arent you inspired by what you see anymore………………..?