The Important Days in Your Life You Didnt Know About….

I wanted to post again.  It hasnt been long since I sat down to meditate while my fingers used this keyboard to share my thoughts in text.  Since I am still thanking God for this new year I figured that I would get something new going. New beginnings call for celebration.  Hence, I let my wife know that i wanted to try something that I had put off for enought time now.  I will start work on developing a few ideas and see what I can do about getting a novel going.  Im happily married and this month will have been 8 months of marriage and loving every minute of it!  No sarcasm in that last sentence – scouts honor.  

At any rate, there are more things to do and plans to see through.  This is just a trailer of what is going on.  Ill let you in on the other as time invites us in.  

Looking through some of my old files I found a tid-bit I put together my first week as a married man.  The honeymoon was a great time and was completely like nothing I have ever done.  Pure and complete bliss.  I thought I would share that tid-bit now no matter how many might disagree.  As you read, remember that my job is not to think like you or live like you.  My job is to open the window to my thoughts and prayers in the hope that they will challenge you and give you perspective that you might not have encountered yet.  Again, let me know what you think about the material in the comments or send me an email.


……There are three important milestones in the life of any man.  1 – The day he is baptized.  2 – The day he is married.  3 – His last day of life.  It seems that these decisions or tasks hold the power to change the past and impact our future.  Can it be?  Can we ever have the power to change what we have been and what we need to be?  We are only men – human.  Our life begins and ends in the blink of an eye.  These three life-events must mean something grander than what society makes of them.  Baptizm – to be blessed/ born again through water in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.  In other words, our journey starts when we recognize God and the sacrifice of Jesus Christ.  What about those that never give importance to either?  Where does that leave them?  To be wed is to participate in and consent in matrimony, in many cases “Holy Matrimony”, with a significant other.  It is usually considered legally and religiously binding, although in 2014 the religious aspect of the union has lost its effect.  What if someone is never married?  What if someone is married and then divorced?  How will this impact their lives?  The last of the three if self explanatory – enough said.  The questions are insurmountable and without answers anyways.

I have been married for a week tomorrow.  Seven days since I promised before God, his Church, and my lovely wife, to cherish and to hold, to love and to honor, until death do us part.  I remember placing the ring on her finger and thanking God for allowing me to share in what was his.  Then again, it seems that this is the overall attitude that humanity has.  We take for ourselves what is not.  We keep what is God’s and do what we want with it.  The significance of today, not diminishing the importance that every day this week has played in my marriage journey, is the realization that the time has come for reality to begin.  My wife is asleep besides me on the elegant couch that furnishes our vacation villa in Florida.  This is the honeymoon.  Our home for that last 7 days over looks lakes, rivers, pools, extravagant cities and buildings that are far, far, far removed from what we usually call “Home”.  This was a great vacation and has allowed us to learn about one another and helped us bond in a powerful way that I thank God for.  But tomorrow we travel home.  17 hours worth of travel.  17 hours to reality.  To work, to extended family, to bills, responsibilities, etc…  I consider that the work is just about to begin.  Not the work it takes to make my marriage work – no.  The work it will take to be a marriage respectful of God.  Obedient to his word.  Supportive of our church and our Pastor.  Responsible of our home in making sure that our home serves The Lord.  Tomorrow our teamwork will begin to be tested.

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