World, meet the short story “What He Gave Me.” Short story, meet The World.

So in accordance with one of my last post, I am trying to do what I can to get my writing, if you will, going.  I had started a short story some time with a premise that can be justified with a few chapters.  I fell upon Wattpad not too long ago and felt that this would be the correct community to introduce this story with.  The feedback will be what I need as they are a community of writers and many of them experienced, which is what I lack.

So here is the link to story that I published on Wattpad.  Its a great site and has a great layout that allows you to interact with beginning writers to seasoned, publish vets alike.  If you have a knack for writing or really want to develop your skill, I would suggest you check it out.  My primary goal or focus is not going to be to write a book per say.  I do have an idea that I think can work, so Im going to take a stab at it.  My attention is going to be on this blog.  Everyday and everywhere we go there is something to learn from.  Life’s purpose is all around us.  God speaks to us through his creation and his Word.  This blog will be a way of me sharing what observations are made.

If you are kind enough to take a second out of your day and visit my story, I appreciate a like and a comment.  Im not used to doing to this kind of propaganda work, so excuse me if Im forward.  Ill be working on that too.  Its very rough draft that jumps perspectives alots – this will be revised with time.

Enjoy.  Fill your day with questions.  Questions about why we do what we do and how.  Then…… Do it different.  Do it BETTER.