I just finished watching a movie that I thought was going to be cliche and corny.  Why?  Well because of the way that it starts.  Simple story.  A man, self consumed with his career and his ambitions to be the Best Chef in LA forgets he’s a dad and loses his son emotionally.  He also forgets he is a husband and loses his wife.  To be specific, he loses his wife played by Sophia Vergara.  So you know that this guy’s head was really not all there.

The film is about his brawl with a critic and how he loses control.  Control of his menu, which makes him feel like he can’t cook freely, which births a bad review, leading to a rant from the Chef that is posted online and tarnishes his integrity.

He rediscovers his priorities which is something that we can all relate to.  He begins to lose sight for his own ego and fame and puts his sights on those things in life that are long-term.  He pursues the heart of his young boy who turns out to be a great chef boyardee.  In doing this he regains the respect of his closest friend and even manages to rekindle the flame with his estranged ex-wife.  Hilarity, a quick and predictable story, and great performances by Jon Favreau and Oliver Platt make this one a bearable comedy.

The end note is a flowery one, albeit he has to go through the paths that lead to retribution.  This involves a trip to Miami with his estranged child and ex-wife, a food truck, a cross-country trip, and again the internet.  Without giving away too much detail and spoiling it for everyone I bid you a promise – You will not be disappointed by Chef and Jon Favreau.  His writing, production, and directing come together to produce my favorite of fruit – an underrated movie. A gem.  My compliments to the Chef.