“People are stuck in history and history is stuck in people.”black and white

I read this quote today sometime during the work day and it stuck with me.  History is such an important aspect to the revolution of Society, The Atomic Family, and The World.  It starts ugly; real ugly and disorganized.  Chaotic at times and inhumane.  The expectation is that with time, we will evolve away from counter-productive attitudes and behaviors.  But you stop and wonder of where we would be had our history been any different?  How much would we have advanced?  How much would we have digressed?  History makes us who we are but doesn’t have to dictate what we become right?  This is the conundrum that this quote brings to light.

Racism and ignorance are symptoms that you are stuck in history.  When you are so stuck in between the lines of the box you call life, you don’t move forward.  You can’t move. You can’t move because history is heavy on our soul.  It’s like having to carry bricks in your pockets and on your back day after day.  Sad thing about this is that it’s like the bricks are invisible.  We feel like our lives are difficult and full of troubles and we associate our sadness, depression, cynicism, hate, or even love with these troubles.  That’s not what it is. It’s history.  It’s how we wrap our arms around history – the past.  The comfort of knowing what to expect or following through with advice given to us.  Our mind set needs a change.  It needs a refurbishing.  As much as we are stuck in history, history is stuck in us.  We can let go though if need to and learn from it instead of being driven by it.

It’s the age old question of why we continue to make the same mistakes of our fathers.  Why?  Addictions, mistresses, blindfolds; mistakes and chains that our fathers could not get rid of.  Addiction to money or possessions.  Money as our mistress.  The blindfold of an egotistical mindset or self indulgence.  Alcohol and drugs kill the body with time but it’s these that kill the spirit, soul, family, home.  They leave you dry, inanimate, fruitless, and stuck years before this physical form will die.  It makes living hard, and living with you even worse.

It’s a cycle that we have to break.  A cycle that is individual and that repeats whether you like or not.


Here Today; Pi Tomorrow

Great post!! Endless possibilities are what keep us trying!! That’s what it’s all about!!!

Logos con carne

pi pastry It’s pi day! Be irrational!

Earlier this week I mentioned that “this coming Saturday is a doubly special date (especially this year).” One of the things that makes it special is that it is pi day — 3/14 (at least for those who put the month before the day). What makes it extra-special this year is that it’s 3/14/15— a pi day that comes around only once per century. (Super-duper extra-specialpi day, which happens only once in a given calendar, happened way back on 3/14/1529.)

I’ve written before about the magical pi, and I’m not going to get into it, as such, today. I’m more of a tau-ist, anyway; pi is only half as interesting. (Unfortunately, extra-special tau day isn’t until 6/28/31, and the super-duper extra-special day isn’t until 6/28/3185!)

What I do want to talk about is a fascinating property of pi.

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