Just Have Faith…

David and Goliath

Sometimes in life all you can do to get by is have Faith.  Those moments in life where you don’t necessary know which way to go or how to act.  Those moments when things are not so clear because there are a thousand voices insisting you do things a thousand different ways.  How can you be sure?  Where can you stand when everything is shifting?  Which foot do you move first – right or left?

An idea comes to mind that may seem simple but it has helped me to understand the concept of faith.  The idea is as follows:

Whenever you get a job they never pay in advance.  There are some exceptions, of course, but for the most part when you work a 8 to 5 you work then you get paid.  Think for a second – would you show up to work Monday Through Friday if you didn’t have FAITH that there would be a check waiting for you on Friday?  If you were not 100% positive and sure in your heart, would you waste your efforts or break your back in your work?  The answer is simple – No.  We would not lift a finger Monday through Friday if we were not sure that our efforts would be met with a promise.

Having faith in Jesus works in a similar fashion.  The only difference is that he moves in a spiritual realm that doesn’t always manifest itself in cold hard cash.  That is why 99% of us can’t stand the notion of having “Faith” in God.  We want to see things move now and on the spot.  It’s impossible for us to say, “God….I’m going to do what you ask of me.  I’m going to take your Word and apply it to my daily life.  I’m going to do this because your word says that Jesus did not come to Earth to condemn the world, but to give it life.  Abundant life.  Eternal Life.  I want that life.  God, I’m going to jump like you ask me too even though I’m not sure of tomorrow – Im going to have an Active Faith. A Faith that moves my hands and feet and not a faith that ends at my lips.”

Whatever your situation at this moment in time, I challenge you to say that prayer – right now.  Or maybe you received bad news from a Doctor or a bank.  Maybe a loved one is making bad decisions and you are not sure what to do about it.  Say this prayer – then delve into the Word.  Live by what it says.  Don’t pull out your dictionary and your concordance and start to “Study” it looking for a specific answer.  That is too narrow a vision.  Broaden your love and desire for the Word by living it and applying it everyday as it comes.  Pray – seek communion with God.  Be humble in all that you do.  This will activate one thing – God’s favor in your life.  God’s favor in your situation.  What is God’s favor?  To put it simply, we can look at David.  No one taught him to touch God’s heart with his harp, or to stand in front of Kings, or fight a giant with his bare hands.  David’s secret was looking for, believing in, and living what God said.  He did it out of Faith.  This activated God’s favor in David and when it was time to play the harp David functioned like he was supposed to.  When it was time to stand in front of a King he knew what to say and how to act.  When it was time to fight a giant bigger and stronger than he was – God worked through David even though David was not even sure what was happening.

That is what living by Faith means.  This is where it gets us.  You should try it sometime.  If only for a day or a week, a month or a year.  The definite things is that Faith is like a child.  When managed correctly and put forth with understanding it gets stronger, gets brighter, gets taller, and more beautiful as it perseveres.


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