Last minute thoughts on…….


Its so wonderful when God places that special someone in your life that is “just for you.”  How that one person can truly and honestly bring you back to Earth.  How that someone can help you to rest, physically and spiritually.  It reminds me of the verse in the word that speaks of being good administrators or examples of the multi-form Grace of God.

When you come home feeling really tired and you fall asleep on the couch as soon as your head hits the pillow.  You slowly wake up some time afterwards disoriented but realize that your head is now in the lap of that special someone.  They slipped in somewhere in time to hold you.  No words.  You feel at peace in that silence and doze back off.  That peace is part of God’s grace in your life.

Your work week has been hectic, tiresome, and you have not managed to leave it at the office.  Somehow, dinner and a movie with that special soulmate of yours returns a smile to your face and makes you feel reassured that, “It will all be okay.”  Finding happiness in the gloom of the world is a gift to you in God’s grace.  Thank our Father in heaven for what you are experiencing.

All this without words.  Jesus definitely had to speak and share God’s thoughts in order to introduce the Kingdom of God.  He preached and taught, taught and preached.  It was essential and 1/2 of his mission.  But his carrying the cross, giving his life (nobody could take his life from him; he willfully rendered it for God’s will to be done) and dying for you and I – that completes who we are.  If he would have just preached; nothing would have happened.  The Word without the sacrifice would have been washed away.

In this way, when we love our spouses we must love like Jesus loved his church.  Only in loving like Jesus did will we be able to manifest a true love.  A love that sets those around us free.  A love that “makes small miracles happen.”  A love that breaks chains and saves those lost in the valleys of life.  Its not us.  Its God’s grace IN US.  Yes words are important but its what you do the other 90% of the time that paints the real picture.

From a grateful soul to my maker.

Thank you for “Her”.  Thank you for your love.  Thank you for your grace.



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