Why do you write?


I was recently asked this question at my workplace.  I was having a conversation about this blog and other projects that I have started in the last year when someone asked me,  “Why do you write?”

At first I didn’t know what to say.  I took a second and then responded with what I felt was honesty.  I feel that God has been so good to me in my short 26 years on this planet.  I have experienced certain heart-breaks but also know what its like to soar in the heavens like an eagle.  In all these experiences, I have come to understand that God was trying to teach me something.  He was trying to help me see or understand how things work in life.  At the same time, he was trying to provide the opportunity for me to try to see his point of view.

This is important to me.  Its important to me because even though I don’t know everything about life and how everything works, I know a little bit.  Its like a wise man once said,  “A whole lot of nothing, never did any good.  A tiny bit of good, can save a life.”  I share what I can and only what I am positive about.  We are all still learning in this journey of life and this will most definitely not be my last post on this subject.  It is however the first.

I would like feedback in reference to this blog.  Dear Reader – If you would not mind to take a second and leave a comment about the content.  Even if you disagree with something – I realize that I am still learning and I always welcome any comments.  I ask this not for the numbers or the looks of the blog page.  I humbly request this with the very real desire to hear what you have to say and to see if there is anything I can learn from you.

This is why I write – to share what He has taken the time to teach me.  Thank you for reading and for sticking around.  More to come next week.  If I get the opportunity I will sit down this weekend – there is a thought that I have not been able to shake all week – I believe it will be good topic for discussion.



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