Song of the Day – “If you love the Lord.”

Keith Green

“If you love the Lord, His discipline you won’t despise.  Cause it will prove to you, that you’re a child in his eyes.” – Keith Green

Song for the Day is going to be from one of my favorites.  Since I was a child, my father told and retold his experiences and the blessing that it was to have the music of Keith Green.  This song played today while I was in the shower!!  No joke.  I listened to it for the first time in a while and the words stuck with me all day.  Its a great song that describes a lot of what is important in the Gospel today.  It reminds us of his promises and also confronts us with who we are and how we walk everyday before him.    Recorded in the 80’s, it will take you back to when music was not offensive in anyway.  The music doesn’t interfere with the message – its just a faithful companion. Check it out if you have a second!  5 Stars.

If You Love The Lord – Keith Green


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