The “Feel Good” Struggle

I recently traveled a trail that led me through a vast woods.

It had ups and downs, left and rights.  It challenged me then introduced me to beautiful scenes sculpted by God.

It was a good pain.  It was a struggle worth the smile at the end.  At times I wanted to give up and say, “What says we turn around and call it a day?”  I doubted my ability to finish the trail on time.  The sun was disappearing and I was still in the dense of trees, shrubs, boulders, creeks, and waterfalls.  Shadows were getting longer, more ominous.  But I pushed forward.  I didn’t allow myself to give in to that “uncertainty” that was really close to taking success away from me.  Thank God I didn’t give in.

Don’t give in my friend.  It all looks like a dense, dark, scary forest where every turn and cliff challenges our faith and hope.  Just remember that Jesus walked that same path already.  He didn’t have but a rock to lay his head on at night.  He knows what trail you are on.  He has scaled every path and trail that LIFE has to offer.  So just follow him.  He’ll get you out.


2 thoughts on “The “Feel Good” Struggle

  1. Yes, sometimes when we are doing something strenuous we forget to look at the end goal and simply give up. We must realise that we are stronger than the obstacles, once we put our minds to it, great post.

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