“Run and Jump” A film by Steph Green

One of the reasons that I enjoy watching film is due to the sheer gamble of it.  I picture it in the following manner: We don’t have an infinite number of hours in our life.  It’s set.  Our hours are numbered.  The average film length is about 1 hour 45 minutes.  So how do you decide what you want to invest your hours in?  Sometimes, you just have to go all in on something that you can’t be sure about.

So was my experience one night as I scrolled through Hulu.  With my mind not entirely made, I implemented the most obvious systematic selection method – Inny Minnie Miny Mo.

Fall, did I, on a film centered around a Irish family struggling through a recent medical tragedy that has ruffled the feathers of an other-wise normal home.  Documenting, or researching, the whole thing is an American MD with a beard most guys can’t pull off.

The film takes place in that time of year in Ireland where rain is a staple at sunrise and you can see your breathe in the chilled air at dawn.  The father of the home recently had a stroke – if they had a scale it would be a 9/10.  This alters his everything.  His attitude is different, he has to learn to speak again, and even his walk is skewed.  He is a different man altogether.  The only remnant of the man-that-was is his love for carpentry.  He doesn’t remember how to be a husband or a father meaning there is a single mother in the making right in first of us and a flip-flop in roles between father and son.

The Dr. has come for a case study.  He is supposed to stay at home with the family and document everything that they experience as a unit in this unfortunate circumstance.  His notebook, his handy camera, and his trusted glasses always accompany him as he begins to become a fan of those in the struggle.  He gets close, then he struggles to avoid getting too close.

What ensues is a film that is rightly placed in the drama/comedy genre.  The characters portrayed are honest and quirky.  At times they seem too optimistic for individuals faced with such a terrible situation.  As you watch, you whole-heartedly wish you could have had the same glass-half-full attitude.  The candor in the mother and her determination to pretend that everything is okay resound.  Some scenes jolt you like thunder on a silent night.  They are raw and real in that the person that was once “Dad” is now a total stranger.  A stranger is in your house and you have to pretend to know them as the person they once were.

No need for spoiler alerts because there will be none.  Time well spent is time spent on becoming a better you.  When you watch this film, one thing stands out at the end – everyone is better off.  A better wife, a smarter son, a whole new father, and a Doctor with a new appreciation for what he wants in his future.


One thought on ““Run and Jump” A film by Steph Green

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