Repetition and Reputation 

There can not be an epiphany without suffering. Suffering can be anything difficult in life; from an injury to the loss of a loved one. When these things happen, they are a jolt to our otherwise mundane style of life. Mundane in the sense of routine, repetitive, mechanic, robotic. It’s that stagnant mode that we get into where it’s hard to get our attention. Where our money and success often over shadow the realities of this world. Those things that we say, “It will never happen to me.”  

So at this point of the storm you realize that you are, in fact, in a storm. The wind howls, the icy rain clashes against your skin, the thunder crashes; it’s a head ache and it’s all designed to startle you. It’s purpose is to test you and challenge you. You are supposed to learn something.  

You can’t learn everything to know in one sit down though. This is why High School and College courses are a repetition of the same material. This is how we learn; this is the only way that humans can adapt to new information. This is how we are molded.

So where is there room to complain? The process is for us. It’s designed to change your course of actions or perspective on life. It’s called “Perspective on life”, not perspective “of” life. That’s because when you acquire perspective, and especially the right one, you end up ontop of any situation in life. We were made to reign over and be on top of the world, not for the world to be on top of us.  

It’s all there to change your reputation. The reputation that you have before God, or the universe, of the decisions that you make and the paths that you take. Life is just a bunch of forks in the road. Your reputation is built on whether you go right or left. The tough stuff confronts us to wise-us-up. To help us grow. To show us what we can’t learn when we are stuck in robot mode. The point is to get through the scuffle with a grateful heart. This will turn on your spirits windshield wipers; get rid of all the grime built up that doesn’t let you see. It’s in this clarity that you can see what you need to learn. This way, when the sky clears up and the winds dies down, you can put into practice what you have learned…..

JC ~ Thoughts in an ER room


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