I’m Glad You Learned To Paint

I’m so glad that this artist learned to paint.  There is no way that he could have known that someday his art would mean so much to someone.  

It depicts a small creek that starts out surrounded by beautiful flowers and heads into a wooded forest.  It’s depth reels you in; the colors bring warmth to your body.  

Under the circumstances, I needed that warmth.  I need something to draw my attention and remind me; of life, of peace, of solace and of faithfulness.  What is more faithful than nature?  So faithful that it bears it’s fruit to the good and bad alike.  The creek is faithful and obedient to its path; it doesn’t sway or change direction because it wants to.

What it takes to learn is so much more than we care to give most times.  Like the saying goes, “Everything has a price.”  Does learning have a price?  Yes, it does.  How do you pay it?  Why should I pay it?

When you get on a carnival ride your mind answers these questions even before you recognize to ask them.  You pay the price because you want on the ride.  Why? Because it’s a rush and thrill of life.  How much?  As much as it takes!!!!!  No doubt about it.

Learning charges you “interest” and “time”.  When you want to learn to play a melody on a piano you have to be interested enough to buy one and you have to dedicate the time to practice and practice and practice.  This is the equation every time.  So in reference to our artist from above, this is an admiration of his INTEREST and TIME.  Had he not paid the price, it would have been someone else’s painting up on the wall.  Who knows, maybe it would not have had the same presence.  Maybe it would not have had what I needed.

The inspiration to learn something new and challenging is ever alive.  We should be learning something new everyday; something that makes us happy and smile.  Instead, the only things we are adamant in learning is how to make more money and how to live longer.  

Since I take a stab at playing music once in a while, I’ll link a video that shows the benefits of learning to play a musical instrument. 

Learn something today!  If you pay that price, you will reap the benefits.  

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