When You Witness, You Are Touched

When you witness the impossible, the impossible becomes attainable.  All of a sudden it’s seems that you could have it all.  Doubt is thrown out and conviction sits in its place.  Fear is challenged with bravery because you can see it.  You can see victory.  

What we could accomplish if our days were filled with witnessing miracles.  The power behind that would be miraculous.  Even if the miracle didn’t happen to us!!  To witness is to be touched.  That’s all it takes.  For you to see or hear of the impossible being achieved satisfies you.  In this grand, over-reaching kind of way, it plops itself right next to you and you feel inspired.  

That’s why recent events taking place in the world are so important.  Those events that prove that the underdog is not always the loser.  Those instances that show that humanity and compassion still exist; even in the worst of circumstances.

The flooding of Louisiana surprises me.  Not that it happened again.  What surprises me is that even in the face of rebuilding from Katrina and putting that in the past, the people of that region are not shaken.  They are brave and ready for anything that may come.  Even losing everything to the flood waters.  They fear not.  A miracle of human perseverance.  The hundreds that are willing to help out in the relief efforts.  A miracle in this world of self-pride, arrogance, and selfishness.  

You stop to wonder if that kind of disaster didn’t happen, would we ever see a miracle? Sad to say.  We arrive at the usual phrase with that point – you can not know victory without first knowing defeat.  Amazing.  But for as long as someone needs help and feels hopeless, I believe that there will always be a few to answer the call of making miracles happen.  Now as far as those of us that haven’t been called yet due to where we live or our lack of resources, when we see those miracles we must recognize them.  We must be open-hearted enough to allow that magic to effect us; to inspire us to make that difference in our small, yet essential, world.  

The earthquake in Italy that has over run the news.  Stories of families that will not sleep but dig with the hope of finding loved ones.  Those that have persevered for days stuck under the rumble of concrete, iron, mud….  That miracle is hope that now days we don’t see publicized very often.  

The truth of the matter is that there someone right now that is battling cancer and winning the fight.  We don’t hear about them.  There is a mother right now that is pushing through complications to give light to a son or daughter.  We don’t hear about them.  It’s difficult for us to step outside of our box-of-a-life to appreciate these miracles happening everyday.  

What we see is so important.  It should impact us.  Be sure that it does.  It’s so easy to think that it doesn’t matter to you; “to bad for them.”  Don’t be that person.  Believe in miracles, no matter how small.


Source: Witness




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