VICE – Uncomfortable Sociological Examination

It’s nice to get the news that not everyone is talking about.  Right now all you hear in the news is “Trump this…” and “Hilary that…”  Now the Presidency is something that is very important; it effects everyone.  I don’t negate that.  Nonetheless, I’m that type of reader where I want to be captivated by something new.  I would prefer to start reading about something foreign and culturally specific.  Our culture is all about money, power, and influence.  

This necessity leads me to VICE!!  This is an online magazine-“ish” where they are not ever afraid to report on everything else.  This not the Onion or that other newspaper that you see on Wal-Mart shelves reporting on alien abductions.  The pieces of Vice reporters have legitimate interest and purpose in the information.  They will report on the next President, yes, sure!!  But you also learn about how the gun industry plans on preventing 10k suicide.  LGBT equality is a very green topic in our country, but who knew that there was a battle for equality in wrestling?

If your interests are as far removed as mine, you can delve into their reporting on an international level where things really get juicy.  You can select probably any region or country in the world and there are Vice representatives there; active and alive bringing you the amazing stories told around the world of change, passion, progress, and another perspective.  From terrorism, to the war on drugs, to music, to third-world country issues, to the booming marijuana trade; you can be sure to find anything ,with different angle on it, at Vice.

I don’t get paid by Vice for this propaganda.  The only thing that I know for sure is that when I saw today’s prompt it was the first, and only, thing to pop into my head.  

TV has good information.  It does, really.  But I challenge you this much-

TV RANT AHEAD -For the next week, keep a journal or a log of what time you sit down to watch TV and what time you turn it off to do other things.  Along with those times, jot down what you were watching for that time period.  (CAUTION: THE FOLLOWING MAY OFFEND YOU). If you see things on your list like Glee, The Bachelor, Suits, The Walking Dead, American Horror Story, or Game of Thrones (GASP!!  HOW DARE I) then you are like me and are drawn to fantasy.  Now while we are allowed to live out our wildest dreams through these characters and programs, they teach us NOTHING.  I won’t miss me some Walking Dead, but I’d rather watch something or read something that is going to improve my writing and fashion of expression.  

Vice provides us information junkies with all sort of material that will easily make its way into your writing making you that much more readable.  And readability is inviting someone in.  And who doesn’t love an invitation?  

Source: Vice


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