Cake – Could Save Your Life

I saw a quote not too ago long that reads, “It’s harder to get kidnapped if your fat. Eat cake.”

This cracked me up so much and I had a good laugh. I loved the quote because it gives us an excuse to eat that which we most desire! That has always been my type of humor. Quotes or videos that justify an otherwise shameful indulgence. And it’s true. Too much cake is bad for you so we don’t want that, right? It’s this kind of left-foot reasoning that makes us feel good about putting that next piece German Chocolate in our mouth!

This goes back to my New Years Resolution post where I committed-ish to get more exercise and to adopt better eating habits. But again, when I hear quotes like this it comes so naturally to take another slice and to sleep instead of jog. Maybe that’s all part of my genetic disposition. That does exist you know, which means I’m more a victim than lazy.

I thought that I would share this as the word of the day sparked the idea. Well, that and the cake I have in front of me that will soon meet its doom. I’m going to teach it a lesson.

So what principle or life-altering moral do we take from this…?

Eat the cake friends. The treadmill will be there tomorrow.

Source: Cake


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