The Great Feeling of Success!

A true friend identifies the moments in life where these 3 reassurances can be applied. For 99% of us, this is everyday!!


I won’t go too much into detail on what Im excited about, but……!  This post is really just me letting you know that:

  1. You Are Not Alone
  2. Hang In There
  3. Don’t Give Up!

A true friend identifies the moments in life where these 3 reassurances can be applied.  For 99% of us, this is everyday!!  How many times have you thought to yourself, “If only someone could read my mind?  If only someone could tell me what I need to hear to get through this day?”  Well as many times as you have thought that in a single day, I assure you that your closest friend or relative has done the same.  Don’t hesitate to know that you can make a difference in someone’s day by speaking up and reassuring them of the above list.

About a month ago I made a promise to myself that I would be CONSISTENT & PERSEVERE with a few things in life.  Mainly with prayer, reading the Bible, and amongst other things being committed to you – my readers!  I committed myself to writing at least every other day.  At times, I’ve managed to write once a day for almost a week!  But it wasn’t without setting my mind and attitude straight.

Most times in life it feels that everything is a gamble.  You know what you should be doing but you are afraid to commit the energy and time into something that no one can concretely promise you.  I know that its scary and failure is, if not many more things, frustrating.  Im here to tell you that I have seen the promise land!  LOL.  Thats me telling you not to be afraid.  When you see something that you want and you want to commit to it – THEN COMMIT!!  Don’t question the steps or the risks that you have to take.  Remember that everything that is worth fighting for, you have to fight for.

The last month has thrown a lot at my family and keeping the faith has been tough.  Its a refreshing moment when you see the other side and there is a bright sunny day there welcoming you out of the gloom.  At that point you realize that life is still far from perfect and dandy, but success in one area is enough to give you that nudge to continue to push forward.  Its hard to have and to achieve everything that you want in one day.  But one at a time you can have small successes that, one by one, reassure you that you do have what it takes and that CONSISTENCY & PERSEVERANCE pay off.  Before God and the world, they pay off.  By Gholly They Pay Off!!!!

So there it is friends!  Whatever it is that you have on your mind tonight; whatever it is that you are sure is going to keep you up, don’t fear it.  Just be CONSISTENT & PERSEVERE!  Do what you know is good and maintain your integrity in whatever venture you have set forth on.  That is the way to blessing and grace.

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