I will always remember Coach Almonds class…

I remember that I was in the Seventh Grade.  I was in Social Studies with my best friend, Jason B.  We had Coach Almond in that class which meant a lot of fun and jokes!  It was a great way to start off your day; we loved first period.

On that day, we were studying for a quiz in groups.  Naturally, this meant that Jason and I were our own group and we were talking and laughing about everything else but the quiz.  

In comes Mr. Marshall, the principle.  “Hey!  Have you heard what’s going on?”

The smile on Coach Almonds face lost its perk.  “No… What’s up?”  

“Does this TV work?” Replied Marshall.  He plugged it into the wall and started to scan for channels.  In a matter of seconds, there it was.  It was the image of two large buildings; somewhere in a big city, and one was on fire.  I could tell there was fire because of all of the smoke emanating from its side.  

“It’s all over the news.  It was an airplane.”  Marshall motioned for Coach Almond to get nearer.  “We are going to go about our day as normal.  When we figure things out, we can answer questions.  Sad part is that when they get home that’s all they are going to hear; about the attacks.”

One girl on the other side of the room started to cry.  She asked what that was and why did it happened. 

Coach Almond looked at all of us and said, “Don’t worry kiddos, everything is fine here at home.  But somewhere real close someone is going to need your prayers.  Those of you and your family.”

Justin spoke up and said, “But what’s going on?  We don’t even know what’s going on.”

Coach Almond turned around and turned off the TV.  “Soon, you will.  The whole world will.  And it will change everything.”

My remembrance of September 11, 2001, is specific.  I was too young and too involved in my own things to appreciate it back then, but I know now that many had to give their lives to save lives.  Men and women that put others first, and gave their all to help.  Those are the people that we respect and that we miss.  We will always be Stumped as to how they got in and who’s fault was it that they were successful at causing us pain.  But now that’s a waste of time.  Instead let us remember those that didn’t hesitate to act, at a seconds notice, when push really turned to shove.

We love you all.  We needed you and you were there.  We need you still but understand the determination you had to save others.  

You can read the names of those that were present here.