REGNAT POPULUS! Arkansas in the Fall: Top 5!

I had the opportunity to live in many states but Arkansas has got to be the most interesting and diverse!


With this chapter of the FALL COLLABORATION, I have the great privilege of introducing readers to the great state of Arkansas!!   I had the opportunity to live in many states but Arkansas has got to be the most interesting and diverse!  It goes without saying that in 1863 when Arkansas was admitted into the Union the motto was Regnat populus – which translates to “The People Rule!”  The following is a list of some of the great places to visit and events to attend when Fall comes to The Natural States.


1- Thorncrown Chapel        Eureka Springs, AR               All Year Round  thorcrown

Over six million people have visited this magical chapel since it was opened in 1980.  This magnificent piece of architecture was placed fourth on the list of the top buildings of the twentieth century.  You can visit it any time of year but the fall colors are what make this place a delightful venue for weddings and sightseeing.  The town that it is in is also amazing and has that perfect small-town vibe offering big-time laughs and entertainment.


2- Arkansas-Oklahoma State Fair    Fort Smith, AR        September 23 – October 1

The Fair is a must-see!  People come from all over in order to get in on the larger-than-life drumsticks, the amazing cotton candy art, the Livestock and Creative Arts Competitions, the Fair Rides, Concerts, Rodeo, and so much more.  The Fair takes place in a lot of different places all at once.  It just depends on if you want to see a Hypnotist, if you’re interested in the Kachunga Alligator Show, or if you want to see all the shows and concerts at Kay Rogers Park.  There is something for everyone in the family at the State Fair and it opens its doors only in the Fall.


3- Mount Magazine State Park                                     All Year Roundasp_mtmag_2014_img_lg_08

Fall has never looked so spectacular.  Even though it takes a little more time for the changes in color to come over this state park, the Fall weather makes it the perfect time to hit the trails.  Hiking, lodging and cabins, horseback riding, canoes on a lake, rafting over rapids, mountain biking, hang gliding, ATV tours, and camping are all available here.  If one of the listed options doesn’t make you smile with excitement, I going to guess that it’s because you have never tried it before!  Word to the wise – get to Mount Magazine and “Just Do Et.”


4-  Fayetteville, AR & Razorback Stadium                   Septemter 3 – Novermber 25

razorback-stadium-1I decided to link the two because of their mutual existence.  Fayetteville is a young vibrant city full of energy, commerce, health, and beauty.  Part of what makes this town so popular and bustling is the University of Arkansas campus that is nestled right in the heart of this place.  For the sports fan in the state, this is the place to be to see Razorback Football, Basketball, and all other college division sports.  Fayetteville is also home to the infamous Dickson Street!  Bars and live bands, the best food, and entertainment at your fingertips.  Needless to say, this college town is much more than a college town now and to visit it is to see something new every time!


5- Magic Springs & Crystal Falls  

Magic Screams     Oct 8 – Oct 30    &    Cooler Sundays    Sept 23 – Oct 30

Located in beautiful Hot Springs, AR, this water and theme park offers a load of fun for all the family!  With admission to both at the same time you are sure to get your share of soaking and thrill-seeking fun!  The special events offered through Fall are Magic Screams and Cooler Sundays.  Magic Scream is Halloween town all over the place.  Ghost and ghouls jumping out at every corner, witches flying over-head, and waiting in line for a ride or game is not boring anymore when werewolves are trying to snatch you!  It’s a whole lot of fun and will definitely keep you giggling and on your toes.  Cooler Sundays is the opportunity to bring a cooler full of any goody that you want into the park with you at time of admission !!  Sound crazy?  It is but Magic Springs offers it every year.  This way you can have lots of fun and be able to carry your favorite snacks with you everywhere you go.

With so much to do and so much to see, Arkansas allows you to wake up every morning and experience something fresh and exciting.  Sometimes the only thing that lacks is the energy to keep up with all there is to visit!!

Many more where those came from and throughout the FALL COLLABORATION, I will be sharing more of the place I call home with all our readers.  Make sure to check out my fellow collaborators below as they share their homes with you and what do to “When In Rome… In Fall.”


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  1. Jerry- the church is amazing and really unique. I also liked the view from the national park. Arkansas is one state that I haven’t really spend a great deal of time in, maybe I might suggest it to my husband as a destination for our next move.

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