When You Don’t Write

When we don’t write, it’s not because we don’t have anything to say. It’s usually because we feel like we don’t have time. This is a dilemma that only “writers” will understand.


When we don’t write, it’s not because we don’t have anything to say.  It’s usually because we feel like we don’t have time.  This is a dilemma that only “writers” will understand.  

When an athlete goes without swinging a baseball bat for long enough, they ache.  Something is missing and they know; soon enough all of those around them start to notice it as well.  It’s this deep desire to express yourself; a wanting to be heard but not a spoiled need for attention. It is a reason that demands an audience to declare a life experience or thought or question or anguish.  That is why as a Writer you feel compelled to write; it is an extension of yourself that you can not easily throw away.  What a shame that so many of us do that very thing.

All we get is 24.  That’s the magic number of hours that we get each day and what you do with those hours is magic.  From the time that you wake, and even through those vivid and colorful dreams, your life is creating memorable moments and life lessons.  Minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day.  This should be the cadence of our expression – there should be no missed beat.  When we don’t write it is not because life has dulled and grayed, but because we have not published it.  We have kept it to ourselves.  But if we only knew that among the 7 billion plus living individuals on the planet there is a handful that can use your experience from that day.  Only we can not fathom that what happens to us, can save them.

We have identified the elephant in the room – “I don’t have time.”  Now let us brainstorm to find the solution.  That’s the way I like to approach every situation – as an opportunity to seek solution and change.  Those are the key words here.

The first step is to identify that there is a need for a solution.  In other words, we have to face our problem – We feel frustrated because our cadence or rhythm in life leaves us with little time to pursue writing.  Done.  Now we have to embrace the healing serum – change. I understand that change is never easy.  If you ever meet someone that states that change for them, no matter the magnitude, is easy – they are lying to you and to themselves.  I did want to make one thing clear – This thought is not geared toward professionals that are paid to write.  Instead, it has in mind those that write with the grandest of payments in mind – self-actualization.  Maslo’s Hierarchy of Needs has at its mountaintop self-actualization which is ultimately a person’s ability to put other’s needs before their own.  This is what happens when your physiological needs are met.  When you feel safe and that you belong as a person you feel complete.  When your personal perception or self-esteem is healthy you stop looking in the mirror for flaws and start to reach out to others that only see their scars.  So as a writer that is what you are doing.  You are reaching out and I hope that you believe me when I say that someone out there needs you to.

Time management becomes a big part of this but I have come to understand that no professional organizer or life coach can ever make a breakthrough unless passion is rekindled.  Even if it has to be the first thing in your day or if it has to wait until all the lights are out at home, writing should have its place in your day.  If it’s not online – even better.  At least your day is not forgotten and you can go back to it a year later and remember what it taught you.  So do what you will with the minutes in your day and rearrange as you will.  When we don’t write it’s not because we have nothing to write; no material.  It’s because the minute hand and the hour hand made their twice ’round the clock face and we ran out of time.


6 thoughts on “When You Don’t Write

  1. Jerry- I made a committment to myself to find the time to write. Even if a couple of paragraphs hit the page, I am creating! What helps me accomplish this task is to have several ideas of what I want to write so I can automatically start. Somedays are slower than others but in the end I feel that I am accomplishing something. Thank you for this post with great tips!


  2. Very nice. I like how you mention the hierarchy of needs. No matter how low I was on that scale, it never stopped me from writing. I think if I lacked pencil and paper long enough, I would end up scrawling on the walls with sharp rocks. I actually QUIT writing for about a year in my late teens, early 20’s (and reading books). 1) My writing was only good when I was miserable – TIRED of being miserable. 2) I was tired of reading about what OTHER people were doing. lol.

    Nice post. 🙂


  3. This is a very wonderful post! I love every bit of it and I am looking forward to more of you so I have followed you. Thank you so much for giving us your insight, it widens my own.

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