5 Horror Films To Die For

When you looked down at the stairwell all you saw was black!


The genre of Horror films has a special place in my heart – and I don’t go there very often!  For a reason of course.  My childhood was filled with excitement and bewilderment due in large part because my family shared a 100-year old house with another family.  This thing was huge, creepy, squeaky and jam-packed with crazy people, myself excluded.  My best friend to-date and his family lived downstairs while my family lived upstairs.  When you looked down at the stairwell all you saw was black!  Add to this that my younger brother and I were in constant competition with my buddy and his younger brother; matching our bravado and macho in any activity including Horror Movies.  I saw the worst ones made way way way too young.

With October comes Halloween and a plethora of horror movies will flood our television screens very soon.  The following are my top 5 rated horror films so that you can weed out the duds and focus on the stuff that will make you sleep with the closet light on and hugging the bear you got for valentine’s day last year.

I warn you that my list will not resemble a lot of shortlists in this categories.  When I choose a film to watch I have to be convinced that there is more than just ghouls and ghosts at every corner.  I have to be immersed in the story, care about the characters and most importantly, the fear has to be deeper than face value.  A monster is somewhat scary, but the realization that your past will haunt you forever is man’s worst nightmare.


  • The Sixth Sense (1999)6-sense

I love this film for so many reasons.  In order to keep the conversation sweet and short, I’ll include the most obvious.  The director, M. Night Shyamalan, has got to be one of the most innovative and creative storytellers to ever grace the screen.  His plot twists and character depth grab a hold of you so tightly that he is able to run subtle details right under your nose and you won’t even notice.  This film delves into the most popular and on-demand subject matter which is the paranormal and psychology but it will take you where you least expect by the end.  If you have not seen it, then are you really even alive…?  I hope you see what I did there.


  • A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984)freddy-2

I’m sure that 90 percent of those reading this have seen this film and that’s part of why I include it in my favorites.  This is one of those films that I saw way too young and that really screwed with my head.  I mean it’s the perfect premise to mess with any childhood – if you fall asleep, then you die!  Smiley Face!  This film was made in 1984 which is fours years before I was born but it spawned a collection of films with one common denominator – Freddy Krueger.  He is undoubtedly a staple of October, Halloween, Trick-or-Treat, and Horror.  You can run when you are awake but what do you when you’re asleep and Freddy takes control?  Krueger is a boss.


  • Baskin (2015)baskin

For those with a weak stomach and a photographic memory – you have been warned.  This film is for those that are truly intrigued with how far a film will go to try to get at your psyche and soul and for those that don’t mind guts and gore.  This film was meant to take you right to the belly of H-E-double hockey sticks and it gets you there quick.  Without divulging the entire movie let me just say that it will creep you out and imprint images of horror in your brain that you couldn’t wash away with all the Clorox wipes in the world.  Beware!

  • The Exorcist (1973)exorcist

Without a doubt, one of the most talked about horror and suspense films ever made.  It is said that when this film was first shown in theaters around the globe, the audience raced out in herds because of the images, vibe, and overall subject matters it dealt with.  That was then and this is now – but not a thing has changed.  This film is on my list because it deals with more than just ghosts and goblins.  It starts the conversation containing God and Devil;  Good and Evil;  Light and Dark;  and the most important one yet – they are more real than we care to admit and all around us.  I saw this movie at a very young age and I’ll never forget the moment it became too real and unbearable to take.  I cried, then ran, then had to be soothed like if I was a toddler.  Granted I was about 7 or 8 but that fact alone rests my case which is the following:

There is something very real, tangible, and palpable about the spiritual realms.  Most ignore it their entire lives and never think twice.  But that is fool-hearty.  They say children see your soul right in your eyes – it’s a sense that God has granted them in their innocence and as time goes by we lose it because we are marred by society, troubles and conflicts, and our selfish journey to grandness.  There is something sinister and almost too accurate in this film that resonates more with children and even with adults.  You can’t watch this film without feeling some sense of uneasiness, curiosity, and the need for faith in something larger than yourself.



  • The Babadook (2014)babadook-3

This film makes the hairs on the back of your neck raise from the moment that it begins.  The casting of this film introduces 3 main characters that you will sympathize with immediately.  A single mother that does not remember what love is and that mundanely, and in a zombie-like trance, traverses each day with the same 2 things in her hands.  In the right hand, she holds regret.  In the left hand, she holds hopelessness.  Her son, which is ingeniously portrayed, has problems at school, is an introvert, is awkward as F-&*, and sees something in his room at night.  Then there is the thing that goes thump in the night.  It creeps its way into their metaphysical world in the most unexpected way but they both end up finding out that it has been with them all along.  In fact, it is them and they are it.  By the end of the film, we learn the true definition of the phrase “Your past haunts you forever.”  If you have not seen this film I bid you farewell with 2 things –

  1.  Watch during morning hours – It won’t help or matter anyway.
  2. Don’t…watch…alone.


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7 thoughts on “5 Horror Films To Die For

  1. Sixth Sense – What a strange movie. Very well written, directed… Completely didn’t notice what I should have noticed all along.

    Nightmare on Elm Street – I only watched 20 minutes of it the first time I saw it and it gave me nightmares for weeks. (which is why Baskin will never be viewed, lol.)

    Exorcist. Nightmares. Yep. Too young to have seen that one too. lol.

    I know the babadook myth (wasn’t it on the xfiles once?), but haven’t seen the movie yet. Creepy. On my list now.

    I would only add “Amityville Horror”…. And the original “The Haunting”

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Your additions are perfect!! There are others such as It, but I wanted to concentrate on films that didn’t receive much praise commercially. Freddy and Exorcist are in that category where the older they are the more popular they become. Watch the Babadook!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Jerry- I also love horror films. One of my absolute favorites is a fairly recent one, “The Conjuring.” If you like supernatural horror films, this one ticks all the boxes. It is frightening, it is about the closeness of family, it makes you think, and it’s great to watch in the dark!


  3. Fascinated to hear about your time spent living in that old house! Did you ever find out much about the history of it? Any ghostly encounters of your own? As for your film list, some great ones on there! I really must get round to seeing The Babadook!

    Liked by 1 person

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