What Are You Supposed To Be??

This is something that I have heard quite often over the years, “…So what are you supposed to be?” Mainly I credit my appreciation for the non-traditional costumes at Halloween time. Monsters always get you looking, but a smart and witty design will keep them looking and draw them in to ask that great question!


This is something that I have heard quite often over the years, “…So what are you supposed to be?”  Mainly I credit my appreciation for the non-traditional costumes at Halloween time. Monsters always get you looking, but a smart and witty design will keep them looking and draw them in to ask that great question!

This week on the FALL COLLABORATION we will be delving into why we choose the outfit we choose and how we put it together!

Option 1 – Deadpool

My traditional selection would be the infamous and pretentious comic/hero/potty-mouth savior in red.  This movie, while it missed the mark for me cinematically, is funny, action-packed, and introduces us to a super-hero that we can all relate to a little more than Thor or Iron Man (because none of us have either a British accent or a trillion bucks).  This gives you the freedom to actually live a little in the costume!  You can dance around instead of walk like a mummy and you can crack jokes as opposed to silently wearing the Jason mask you have donned every year since high school.  The character behind the costume is just as important as how it looks.  Deadpool is a great selection because the outfit is something that you can find most anywhere online.  This does mean that you will have stiff competition but that is part of the fun.  You get to have fake weapons at your side – even though here in the south you can’t be sure they are fake or if they are ACTUAL Desert Eagles.  All around this uniform or costume is just great!!  It looks great, helps you to pick up a great personality that you can have fun with, and I can see it leading to a great night no matter where you’re going.  This costume will be a simple design – just put it on and zip it up.  You can be creative with the weapons and all but your face will be covered so you can skip the make-up art with this selection.


Option 2 – The BFG

By BFG we mean the main monster from the film The Big Friendly Giant.  A lot of people would not dare put this on to go to a Halloween party or get-together!!  I’m not sure why but I think it’s genius.  It looks funny, gives you permission to rock high-water trousers, gives you a trumpet as a prop, and styles your hair in a priceless bald/bowl cut my dad wears because that’s all he’s got.  This would be my pick for a non-traditional costume that will make people have to guess what you are dressed as.  This in turns stirs a conversation and boom!  You are in the door as far as making friends and meeting new people.  Isn’t making new friends, and vampires sucking human blood, what Halloween is all about anyway?  The image I selected definitely qualifies as goofy in all its definition but nonetheless I am convinced that this costume will keep them guessing, laughing, make you the star of the party and will be different than most you will see out on the town.  You can purchase from a large selection of different takes on this outfit or make your own.  One thing is key here – all the clothes should be too small for your except your shoes.  You will need a wig and maybe a trumpet to complete this look but the rest you can find at Savers for really cheap.


Option 3 – Leatherface

The last selection for this year is a well-known and respected monster.  Leatherface from the Texas Chainsaw Massacre is a great outfit because of the blood and gore and the chainsaw that you get to wear.  I chose this character because there is a new film that will be released this year by the name Leatherface.  It allows you to run around yelling and screaming and scaring everyone around you.  You are going to concentrate the most on this outfit because there is not one way to get this done.  The most important aspects are going to be the long-sleeve cut-up and bloody shirt, old and tattered trousers (probably some old church slacks that are too large for you with suspenders), and boots!  The boots should be rubber boots because that is what he originally wore in the 1974 version.  As far as the face, well you can purchase a mask or make your own!!  Mwuahahahahah.  Just kidding.  Don’t take anyone out and wear their face – thanks bud.  Buy a mask and a wig and make sure they are covered in what looks like blood!  The chainsaw needs to be fake.  This is for safety concerns of course.  If you can’t find one but insist on a chainsaw, use a broken one that doesn’t work anymore but be super careful.  I advise if children are going to be near, avoid this.


No matter what you choose for this Halloween, give it your own twist!!  Have fun and be creative with what you wear.  Remember to also make it comfortable because you want to walk a lot or dance you need mobility!  Check out my fellow COLLABERS on what they are wearing this season.


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9 thoughts on “What Are You Supposed To Be??

  1. Jerry- your costumes are definitely original. I don’t know of too many people that would rock the BFG look. I always enjoyed Halloween too! When I worked at Spencer Gifts we got to dress up the entire week leading up to Halloween. Every day I dressed as a character from my favorite movies. I was Norma Bates from Psycho (complete with skeleton face and fake knife) and Hannibal Lecter. Since I was a theater major, I knew how to work wonders with makeup. Have fun!

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