Food For Thought – Arrogance

The greatest arrogance of the world is to think that everyone thinks like you.  



6 thoughts on “Food For Thought – Arrogance

  1. This quote has got me thinking for the last fifteen minutes. Indeed, it is pride that makes one assume that everyone else should see things from one’s point of view. It probably takes some humility to truly understand other people’s perspectives even when we disagree with them. Thanks for sharing.

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  2. lol. It’s early… I thought that read “The greatest arrogance is to think everyone LIKES YOU.” Haha.But, as Susan said above there… yes I suppose that would be a character flaw as well, although not so much narcissism as delusional or naïve.

    Phew… need more coffee. Definitely assuming people think like you… might be construed as narcissism… depending on the situation. But now that I type it out… the statement is a conditional one, and isn’t specific enough to contain narcissism . Hmm… definitely food for thought. Not sure I agree with it in its’ entirety.

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