Snow Down Me Trousers..!!

We finally got a snow day!  At first, we thought of opening the office but just allowing folks to get there later in the day.  Then the Mayor’s Office called to tell us they were closing all day due to inclement weather and road conditions.  Perfect.  

It’s the first snow of the winter here in Arkansas.  Just when we thought winter was going to sneak by us without snow – we got 2 to 3 inches overnight.  It’s my favorite because staying home is great but more so when the Mayor’s Office “obligates” you to do so.  Since I’ve always been the obedient type… well I feel compelled to do so when it’s cold and snowing.  
My wife is 8 months pregnant, cold, and craves strange things at all hours of the day.  I’m sittting here in the car.  I’m waiting for her office to close early due to the weather and whisk her home.  The rest of the day will consist of working on Baby’s room and having dinner at home for once.  

Happy Friday everyone.  And It’s good to be back at it….