Why I’m Writing – 2017

2 years ago when I started this blog, I had an idea of what I wanted to say. Now I realize that as I change as a person, so does my voice.

The last 2 years has seen a lot go on in my life.  Some things most of my readers will be able to relate to and others are always going to remain a very intimate achievement.

First off, May of 2017 I will celebrate 3 years of marriage to my blessing of a wife.  There is no way that I can talk the same about marriage or my wife after 3 years.  My perspective has changed.  My description of both comes from trials by fire.  Even though we have a lifetime to go, I’m starting to see clearly.

The second is that May of 2017 I will have the privilege of having worked with my churches youth group as their coordinator for 2 years.  This opportunity that I was given has impacted me the most as it relates to my relationship with The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit.  It was something that I was given, I didn’t earn it at any capacity. God loves the young lives of this world because the society they live in is all a muck.  I get to be his aid, if you will, along with my Pastor in advising, directing, and participating in their lives.  We are not talking about bowling nights and picnics. We are talking about the real struggles; the lemons that the world gives and finding a way to help make lemonade.  Life and death.  Spiritually and physically. 

Third, my daughter was born last week!  I am no longer “just Jerry”, I am “Dad” and that for me has hit me like a ton of bricks from the time that we found out we were expecting.  What are the manuerisms of a Father?  What does he talk like?  What does he think?  How does he move?  What are his decisions like?  And where is all of this born?  Where is the map?  

Good questions, in my opinion.  They keep me up at night and drive me through the day.  

So there is the substance that, even if I tried to shy away from it, I couldn’t.  That is who I am.  Or rather, this is who I am trying to be.  Along the way I will throw in a speck to do with my hobbies like films, woodworking, nature, and sports.  That’s just to name a few.  But I figure there will be a time for all of that later in life.  Right now, I have to get my mind and heart wrapped around a few of my priorities…

1- Someone that needs what only God can give. A Sinner in need of Forgiveness.

2- A Husband

3- A Father

4- A Spiritual Leader

I strongly believe that if I get those down, the favor of God will be over me.  Everything else will be a piece of German Chocolate Cake.


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