When a creek flows the way its supposed to, its elegant.  The way the crisp, clear water moves over the earth and the rocks that lie at its bottom.  Nothing stops it.  It stays true to its border – it knows the limits.  It knows that it does not have permission, nor does it benefit, from flowing and spilling outside of its God-given perimeters.  Its force is a grand power.  Silent and gentle but smoothing over even the toughest stone that might lie in its path; with a grace and subtly that seem to go unseen.

I hope that one day I can be like that.  Like a creek that flows the way its supposed to.  Instead, sometimes we allow and adopt foreign objects that obstruct our flow.  They create puddles and the water becomes stale and littered – swampy.  The flies and insects accumulate; the water begins to fester.  All we need is to have the EYES to identify these obstructions and the desire to rid ourselves of them.  God does the rest once we initiate a willing and humble heart.

That’s what I’m trying to do…


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