A Gentleman in FALL!

Its the best of the best for the Fall season and it’s a part of your wardrobe that you can only use this type of year. Enjoy the weather outside without compromising the look you want to present.


This weeks post for the FALL COLLABORATION is one that I have been looking forward to!! With the change of weather comes a much needed transformation to your wardrobe.  The sandals and shorts go back in the closet while coats and sweaters come out and you prep footwear for snow and ice.  The temperature permits layers and this allow for a different look.  I’m going to present different options for any situation.  These articles of clothing are going to complete a tighter, clean, and fitted look.  This post would have a bazillion words if it described ALL the styles possible.  Nonetheless, the following is the look I strive for during Fall and Winter.

Jackets or coats are very important as Fall takes a tighter grasp on the air around you.  It gets cold and windy and you will need something to keep you warm without decompressing your look.  For this, I suggest you have at least 3 different types of jackets/coats.  I’ll explain why next:

The heavy coat is essential for when you have to really dress it up.  An elegant dinner or get-together will require that your outfit be more on the business side of the spectrum.  Throwing a sweat shirt with you alma mater will not due in this case (No offense intended).  If you are going to wear a tie or a blazer with a suit, then one of these is a must.  They sell longer trench coats which appear fancier but it is all about preference here.  Explore your options.

A leather jacket is necessary because it establishes that you mean business in a casual way.  If you ever saw those movies where the guy is on a dirt bike and its starting to get “dirty” you’ll understand what I mean.  The leather jacket just means that you are a bad-ass but your overall outfit can be more relaxed.  The styles vary but I prefer a beltline length and a sleek look.  You can wear this with multiples outfits and combinations of shoes or boots and jeans.

The last jacket is something that you can wear in those super casual moments.  This is for those midnight runs to Wal Mart in your sweat pants!  It works well because sometimes you don’t feel like a businessman or a Casanova but just want something to keep you warm but collected.  These are just a few options but again you can use your imagination.

Sweaters are most important while Fall transitions to Winter but even then you can add to your layered look.  With so many styles and cuts, you need to stock up on a few “staple” sweaters or cardigans to beef up your wardrobe.

Make sure you avoid over-sizing which we tend to do.  Avoid clothing that makes you look exaggeratingly square and that are too loud with buttons and flaps.  Extra material makes you look extra big.  Try to stick to a neutral color that you can pair with almost everything.  I prefer a black or a grey but with so many options – go crazy.

Its the best of the best for the Fall season and it’s a part of your wardrobe that you can only use this type of year.  Enjoy the weather outside without compromising the look you want to present.


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