A Big Thank You!

This is not an exaltation of the internet. Far from it because these never cease from being machines.


With today’s post, I simply wanted to extend A Big Thank You!!

This is something that I have seen a lot my favorite bloggers do and I’m starting to understand the reasons why.

I recently hit 70+ followers on Wither or Thrive and this blows me away.  Partially because I have only had this blog for about 2 years but it’s only been in the last 60 days that I have let my “Inner Child” roam free with muses and thoughts.  The other half is because I would have never thought that in such a short time frame I would have the privilege of being surrounded and furthermore supported, by brilliant people and writers from all over the globe.  We have to remember that once upon a time if you didn’t catch a railroad or boat to the other side of the world there was no hoping of connecting.  But now, thankfully while we are at it, the conversation can be had at a click of the button; the exchange of humanity and making a good impression and comradery takes but seconds.

We learn faster today; we see further.  We speak many languages at once; we can see through a different set of eyes like never before.  It’s amazing at was is possible and at what opportunities are just around the corner every day.

This is not an exaltation of the internet.  Far from it because these never cease from being machines.  They speak of AI and what not, but for now all I see is a screen that doesn’t show what you don’t ask it to.  I see a mouse that does not engage what you don’t wish it to.  A keyboard that does not speak on its own but awaits your command.

This is why the exaltation is for you – My Reader.  Thank you because you choose to come here.  Thank you because you decide that Wither and Thrive, if only for a second, should show up on your screen.  Thank you because you decide when a post calls your name and you click it.  Thank you for those times that you feel compelled to leave a comment – Wither and Thrive does not take for granted those precious seconds of your time that you choose to invest here!

From the bottom of our hearts – Thank you and happy writing.  Happy writing because to me, every one of you is more than just a hobbyist.  There are the makings of a great writer and wordsmith in you and you are slowly introducing him/her to the world.  I appreciate the courage, can’t wait for more and love your work!  Every single one of you.


“Mr. Cervantes, You Needn’t Stay Quiet.”

I remember back in grade school the one thing that made me shake in my boots more than anything was meeting new people.  I moved the last year of Junior High and it was dreadful to say the least.  My first memory was getting to class the first day and having the teacher ask me to stand up and introduce myself!  Hahahaha.  It makes me laugh to remember and picture the utter disaster and fail of that moment.  I said my last name first and my first name last only to have the teacher correct me on my own name.  It bought me some giggles, which is always a good start, but made my cheeks flush which killed my act completely.  I went silent and the teacher just asked me to sit down.  I knew that day that stand-up would have to be only on the weekends.

I had a difficult time even in college and even as I started to gain momentum in the work place.  My speech classes were something I feared, like really fear with a sweaty brown and everything, and I was really not liking new classes.  It’s now that I understand my confusion in the whole matter.  Meeting new people and making friends made me shiver because I didn’t believe that I could have something good for the other person.  That is another way of saying that I lacked confidence in sharing myself with the world.  

I was still in college, and slowly but surely loosening up, when a college professor pulled me aside in a Legal Ethics class and said, “Mr. Cervantes you needn’t stay quiet.  Speak up because that way we all learn from you.” And with that he swung his mallet on his desk and we started a mock trial that I had been nominated as lead prosecutor in.  Even when I was nominated for a tough role, one that you better go into with some knowledge, I didn’t quite understand that others were in fact interested in what I had to say.

So the anthem is high and clear and may it sway like a mighty flag in your conscience.  You are interesting.  When you meet someone knew, there is so much that you can share with them and visa versa.  But it only works if that other person perceives the correct vibe from you.  If they can feel that by shaking your hand, seeing your smile, and by the enthusiasm in your voice that you have something to say – CONGRATS!!  They are all ears and will be willing to open up to a friendship or at least a quality conversation.

Source: Shiver