I Cant Wait To Rake Leaves!

This is the first installment of mine for the FALL COLLABORATION that I have joined 5 other bloggers on.  Its an exciting moment for me because when you start writing you never really imagine all of the doors that its going to open up for you.  I have been most impressed with the great individuals that I have met and how great a spirit my friends exhibit on this FALL COLLABORATION.  Ill be sure to link them down below.  This week, we are talking about preparing for Fall and What Items we need to get us in the FALL-ZONE!

My favorite thing about the arrival of Fall is the change of weather!!  In reality, nothing signals change like Summer disappearing and that chilly, gusty wind finding its way into Arkansas.  This causes your entire life to flip upside down!  Okay, I admit that may be a bit exaggerated.  But if you think about it, the arrival of Fall changes your wardrobe, it changes how you spend your time, and where you spend your time.

I know that things around my home change for sure!  My wife and I love to decorate the home with fall colors.  The following is an example of what my wife will text me and expect me to reference when shopping and is she can not be there:


Pillows, rugs, bedroom ornaments, bed sheets and comforters, and even the paintings on the wall will change.  Its an exiting time for us because we love the vibrancy and tranquility that these shades bring to your home.  Give it a try!  I guarantee that it will change the vibe in your adobe, or your money back!  Not really on the money back part.

img_2047Our favorite activity, aside from jogging, and traveling, is using the fireplace to light the living room while we watch a movie or listen to music.  I guess you could do that kind of thing at anytime of the year, but Fall brings with it that want to hibernate.  The need to stay indoors a bit more.  The crackling of the wood, the oak smell emanating from the fire, all the lights out expect for that petite lamp in the corner; the perfect setting.  You can forget about your worries, grab a small blanket, and lie on the soft and furry “Carafe” colored area rug.

The last thing that I will elaborate some on is the clothing!  I do not have a problem with saying (clears throat) “By Golly, I love me some sweaters and jackets!”  This will be another post that we introduce as part of the FALL COLLABORATION.  The difference in weather and temperature allows you to break out those Space Bags and finally use the Hart, Schaffer & Marx jackets and Sport Coats, long sleeve items by Thomas Dean, and Timb’s footwear and clothing!  The clothing style changes the world around you.

Flowers bloom great colors in Fall! Rake leaves:-(  Trees change colors!!  Campfires and Marshmallows!!  The list is endless on why FALL is, for me, one of my favorite times of year.  Keep a close eye on my friends and I as we break down FALL likes it never been done before on WordPress!  I assure you that you will learn something new, have a laugh while you read, and add something great to your FALL PREPARATIONS!!

Meet the COLLAB:

Jacqueliine Joy- Warning! Warning!  She will make you laugh. She joins me in the “Bloggers that have Kiddo’s” group of the COLLAB.  Check her out.  Jacqueliine’s Blog Site


Varsha- originally from Aruba, she brings to your some great cooking and fine dining. Don’t miss it!! Varsha’s Blog Site


Lee- “The Originator” of the FALL COLLABORATION, she puts together great material on Lifestyle, Beauty,and Health.  Lee’s Blog Site


Jenna- She promotes self love and respect! Absolutely great material!!  Jenna’s Blog Site


Morgan- She blogs about life,  fitness,  college life and beauty!  Check out the great perspective and experiences!! Morgan’s Blog Site






9 thoughts on “I Cant Wait To Rake Leaves!

  1. Jerry- I can’t wait for fall either. There is nothing my husband and I like better than hanging out by the fireplace, drinking coffee and playing games. It is a great way to enjoy each other’s company on a chilly day. I also want to be able to enjoy being outside without melting. Good luck on your collaboration. 🙂

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    1. Tell me about it!!! It is always nice to look at the humidity and say smell you later!! Thanks for the read!!! Check out the gals of the collab when you get a chance!! You will get a kick from each of the Authors! Happy Blogging!!

      Liked by 1 person

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